K - 12

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K - 12

K - 12

K - 12

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Care Management 

Positive Test?  We provide care until you are better

- Regular symptom checks

- Dedicated Medical Case Managers focused on supporting the needs of your

Symptom Checker

Screen employees, pupils, and guests for symptoms via email or SMS/TEXT

Customize the system
contact frequency with
your students and

Automate Processes and
Take Action

Monitor and Manage
employees and students
towards their safe
return to school

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the upcoming 2020 Cold/FLU season will be one of the biggest business challenges of our time. If you're like most institutions in the new COVID-19 normal, you're scrambling to figure out how to safely return employees and students back to school and maintain continuity, while at the same time mitigating liability and risk.


The virus affects different people in different ways, making early identification difficult through simplistic methods such as temperature checks. Without visibility into your current workforce, meaningful mitigation procedures, and thoughtful care management strategies, there is no tangible manner to prevent spread or manage employees and students back into the school.


ClearPath provides management solutions to support.

A Path Forward

Up and running in a matter of days, Smartlink's SiteClear provides employers and schools with a centralized solution to address the multitude of challenges associated with managing through the COVID-19 pandemic.


The system provides top down visibility into the status of your entire institution as well as monitoring and management tools so you can take the right action faster. SiteClear enables organizations to maintain compliance with CDC and OSHA guidelines, identify high risk employees/pupils, take immediate action automatically, and maintain detailed records to protect the institution from litigation.


SiteClear is much more than a screening tool with a dashboard...The solution guides decision making, provides simple rules to trigger automatic actions and task ownership, and provides comprehensive documentation to mitigate risk.

K - 12

K - 12

K - 12

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